About Us

Rick & Kelly McQuinlan are the photographers of McZany Photography. We’ve been a little quiet on the scene as of late as we’ve added to our family,
but we’re now ready to get back to it and produce amazing work for our clients!

We’ve been doing photography since 2008, where we were doing events, bands, architecture and ‘behind the scenes’ shoots for clients such as Homegrown,
Miss Wellington, Erotica expo, Faster Louder, and many local bands.

In 2010 we shifted focus into Portrait and High Fashion photography work when we moved to Melbourne and worked with designers such as Clockwork Butterfly
and Deer Couture, as well as many Catwalk fashion shows.

We returned to New Zealand in 2013, where we have been continuing our portrait work; from Corporate to Babies, and we’ve had the pleasure of working with
couples during Weddings and Pregnancies

With our vast history we can work with any client to create unique imagery with an outstanding quality, and we thrive on pushing ourselves to new levels with our photography.

In 2013, Kelly won Nikon D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year and Nikon D-Photo People Photographer of the Year for her Barbed Wire portrait image.

Please feel free to contact us for a chat and our rates.


Some previous publications below:

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